Adventures of a GooEditor
by rwkat

During the recent system upgrades, a couple of us set out to find sites for 0 site localities. Google, as usual, returned the standard results of a hundred affiliate sites and a half dozen real sites, which I was glad to have.

On reviewing the 5th site, I found a page of links. "Self", I said, "you should check to see if these links are already in the directory". So instead of attempting to add each link to my bookmarks, I plugged the page URL into GooEdit. Voila! GooEdit returned not only an "add to the ODP" button, but "Whois", "Edit this cat", and dmoz search buttons. The best part of using GooEdit is the "Edit this cat" function, which automagically shows you if the site is already listed somewhere in the directory.

Using my trusty text editor, I reviewed all of the sites that GooEdit showed were not in the directory. I then added a separate set of links to the sites that were shown in Topical, but not Regional. By the time I was done with the first GooEdit page, I had 3 more pages waiting to be GooEdited. By the time I was done with 2 of those, I had over 100 links! "Self", I said (yep, again!), "I sure hope the Lisas don't know about GooEdit - I'm sure to win the race at this pace!"

At the end of the day, I didn't win the race, but the directory did win. GooEdit helped me find and list a large number of sites that I would have otherwise just passed up. If you ever have a page of links you want to add, instead of clicking "Add a page of links", why not try GooEdit instead? Trust me, you'll be glad you did!


- rwkat

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