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Table of Contents

News and Announcements
Ontology Beats
New Editalls & Metas
Good Reads

Fun with Bookmarklets
   by jtaylorj
Half of 20Q with Jtaylorj
   by sidjf
You Know You're a Games/ Addict...
   by jtaylorj
Welcoming Newbies and Mentoring
   various authors
   - Welcome Wagons
     (by makrhod and rentier)

   - Mentoring in World/Français
     (by gregwitz)

   - Tips for Mentors and Mentorees
     (by dcausse and chris2001)

Interview with an Editor: bldarter
   by cmic (courtesy of the World/Francais newsletter)

Past Issues

2005 Issue 14

Yes, you're hallucinating, welcome to the 2005 issue of the DMOZ newsletter.

News and Announcements Easter Mozilla

What's been going on with the project? Here you can catch up with the latest developments.

Welcoming Newbies and Mentoring
Baby Mozilla

Looking for an idea how to welcome newbies in your branch, or how to support editors who need a bit of help or just a little bit of encouragement? gregwitz, makrhod and rentier present successful mentoring projects.

News of the WorldStudious Mozilla

Several World categories have established their own newsletters, to provide news in Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. Curious? Read cmic's interview with admin bldarter, originally published in the French newsletter.


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