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[new tool] CatSpifferatifier

Posted in June 2001, but as relevant as ever, find out about this fantastic editor tool.

Building the ODP Glossary

Have you always wondered what a Bookmarklet or a Lead Generator is? Or perhaps you can explain to others what they are? Help build the Glossary!

Promoting ODP

How can we promote the ODP? What do our users want? And what search technology will be up to date and in fashion in ten years?

Choosing and Protecting a Password

A brief introduction to the art of choosing a password which is secure, but not so difficult that you have to click "Please Send Password Reminder" three minutes after choosing it.

Verb of Choice: Features, Provides, Includes...

Bored by dancing the "Describes"-"Provides"-"Describes"... "Describes"-"Provides"-"Describes" waltz day by day? Find new verbs for your own description rap!

Need a name for the '9' now 10

The editors try to count the admins and find a name for them, and kaelcol offers a very nice alternative text for the admin guidelines.

Puffin Mozilla



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