You Know You're a Games/ Addict if you...
by jtaylorj

20.Read ridiculous and pointless lists about /Games addictions.
19.Move misplaced submissions by typing the correct category from memory even though you've never actually edited there.
18.Know that the true purpose of Video_Games is 42.
17.Add 5 sites to a new category with 4 of them being reviews.
16.Play a browser_based game for its content.
15.Consider paper and pencil games to be low-tech.
14.Know the difference between a developer and independent developer.
13.Discover a new game at the store and wonder if it has its own category.
12.Rush home before completing your shopping list to create a category for a new game.
11.Create @links and relcats for a new game before actually finding sites.
10.Think gaming in society is actually some sort of inside joke.
9.Know every site in the Poker category by heart and play a Browser_Based version to test your knowledge.
8.Participated in a MUDs reorg and a MUDs reorg and a MUDs reorg and a MUDs reorg.
7.Force quarters into your floppy drive expecting a silver ball to bounce around your screen.
6.Learned how to play Pokèmon from Fan_Pages.
5.Think Games/Video_Games/Recreation/Outdoors is an acceptable substitute for exercise.
4.Lost weight while editing in Games/Video_Games/Music_and_Dance/Dance_Dance_Revolution_Series
3.Have your very own roleplaying table-top version of the ODP.
2.Have participated in a Chess reorg -- successfully.
1.Are an active member of #odpgames.


- jtaylorj

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