Half of 20Q with Jtaylorj
by sidjf

1. Why did you become an editor?
I actually toyed with the idea of becoming an editor for a long time. I kept trying to find sites to apply with, or to find a good category to start in, but there were so many categories I kept putting it off. Finally, I said, "screw it! If they don't accept me, oh well." I applied, and got my letter a few weeks later.
2. What was your first category and why did you pick it?
It was a Computer category. ::Goes to look at request log for exact path:: Basically, I was looking for a good code syntax site and was casually browsing through the ODP and thought, "I know there are more sites out there than this.." I found out later that I was wrong, it was already pretty well covered, but it was great for my description writing. They all needed a bit of tweaking (thought I did a lot of newbie tweaks.. adding words like WinAPI to the description, stuff like that). Oh yeah, the category was: Computers/Programming/Languages/Visual_Basic/Win32_API
3. You do a lot of editing in Games. What is it that you like about the Games branch?
*Shameless Plug* Because Games is awesome! */Shameless Plug* I like Games because of all the friendly editors and the type of sites we list. There's virtually no spam, no affiliate sites, and the entire branch is full of stuff that I do on my free time. Personally, I love reviewing Game reviews, and there are a whole lot of them.
4. You moved to the top of Games rather quickly. What advice would you give new editors who want to expand their editing privileges?
Ug.. uh.. edit where you enjoy editing, read the Games fora, and participate in every single reorg that applies to you :-).
5. What are your personal goals, if any, within the ODP?
My big personal goal was to edit in Games/. I really haven't made any new goals since, except maybe getting Strategy green free!
6. You are a prolific poster in the "Luzer Above You" thread. Do you think you have a shot at Biggest Luzer in the Mozzies this year?
Woo! I hope! <-- Tries hard for Biggest Luzer. *Vote jtaylorj for biggest luzer!* (Free pancakes for those who do.)
7. What do like to do, other than edit, in your free time?
Uh.. free time not used to edit? I think I had some of that a while back. I live in California, so I go to the beach when it's warm -- roller blade on the boardwalk with friends and such. I'm also 15 minutes from Disneyland and 20 major malls, so there's always something to go out and do. When I get really long extended periods of free time (i.e. extra long weekend), a group of my friends own a house at the Kern River. I go up there and kayak in the whitewater whenever there's enough snowmelt.
8. Are there any projects, teams, or groups in the ODP that you would like to promote right now?
Projects: Go blankbusters! Help review game reviews at Test/Games/Link_Mines! Teams: We have a really great team of editors in Games and Video_Games. Come help out! We don't bite ;-). Groups: #odp makes for a great time too!
9. What are your views on Pancakes and other nugatory topics? ( http://forums.dmoz.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=903995 )
Seems mighty tasty.. and an excellent idea for a thread! And of course, anyone who's anyone knows that pancakes are *in*! I think more people should experience the wonder that is pancakes.
10. In 20 words or less, why do you love the ODP?
The ODP is a great community of people and provides an excellent way of contributing to the ever-changing Internet.


- sidjf

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