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Thanks to bldarter, chris2001, cmic, dcausse, donwiebe, gregwitz, jaylorj, jophan, makrhod, rentier, sidjf, tuisp, whizky and the World/Deutsch team for their contributions to this issue. And thanks again to chris2001, who did more than me on this issue I think.

To everyone else, shame on you for not contributing. To everyone who didn't contribute, and asked when the next newsletter was coming out... Double shame on you. And to everyone who didn't contribute, and complained about the newsletter not coming out... Well, to you.

Please, please, if you have any ideas for articles, get writing. It's an opportunity to help other editors, express your opinions, and give your overview of the state of affairs. With a potential distribution of six billion, and a readership of at least six, it's the perfect forum for your views. Oh, OK, I'll stop beating this dead horse now.

Rumour has it this will be my last newsletter, so, thank you for putting up with me for however long it's been. :) Please still send comments and submissions to me for now, I'll pass them on as appropriate.


Staff Changes

Geneticist Mozilla

rdkeating25 left the ODP in July 2004 to work for the US Government in Washington DC, coordinating search and navigation initiatives for e-government programs. autumn said she'd tell us if she was leaving, then left for liveops, in August. Then rdkeating25 came back on a part-time temporary basis. You'd almost think he liked us.




Mozilla Getting Eaten

On their way out the door, staff decided it would be a good idea to leave somebody behind to take the flak... er, give oversight. Enter the admins. Admins, or administrators when they want to sound more important, are responsible for taking up the gauntlet that staff left, including community, editorial, and theoretically technical aspects, although the technical aspects currently involve begging staff to fix things.

On a more practical note, it means if you want to beg for editall permissions, there are now eight potentials to suck up to instead of one.

More information in the admin guidelines and in the forum.


Editor Awards

Tinky-Winky Mozilla

We had some editor awards in Spring, 2004. I've forgotten all about them, probably didn't win anything anyway.

Then we had some more editor awards in Fall/November/Autumn 2004. I've tried to forget all about them, but not yet succeeded.

As usual there was controversy abound. Closed voting was tried for the first time, and samiam insists that it was absolutely the case that there was a 100% turnout for the best ambassador category. There was some complaint that one editor promoted their own campaign for biggest luzer on everybody's dashboards, I didn't notice it myself.

I got reports that people were sending "vote for me and I'll vote for you" e-mails and IRC messages, but nobody was prepared to name and shame anybody. Boo.

You can (and should) follow oneeye's excellent commentary on the awards.

Turnout was typically poor. Sam writes:

477 editors voted in at least one category. 14,976 votes were cast in all (23 of these were write-in votes) The most popular category was "Best Meta" with 310 votes cast. (Followed by Best Editing team [293], the Special Achievement Award [267], and Most Dedicated Editor [251]). The category with the fewest votes was best new World/Magyar Editor - 20 votes. 13 editors voted in all 153 categories. 43 voted in only 1 category.
Mozilla on Spider

Special congratulations to dlugan, who beat me by four votes in most appreciated tool creator, darnit, though he did deserve it, and mirriamferrari who beat me by one vote in editor I most want to meet in person, double darnit. The men in white coats will be out for the 22 people who voted 'rpfuller and newwave' for best couple, and the 6 people who voted 'rpfuller and donwiebe' for best couple.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the spell checker, Last Edits, and Search2 in sympathy. And the less said about most congenial the better.

But the most important news of all, by a 42% to 15% margin, yours truly has finally been awarded Biggest Luzer, and can retire happy. May I say, about time too. :)

oneeye obviously had no trouble taking most long-winded editor, 57.14% to xrysostom's way behind 15.08%.

With orlady out of the way, enarra took an impressive six mozzies, winning best meta, best overall editor, best ontologist, best mentor, most reliable editor, and best Games/ editor, and running-up in most dedicated editor (behind kctipton), best quality control specialist (behind kctipton), and dream spouse. And with third in editor I most want to meet in person, in the top 10 for most congenial, and one write-in vote for best new World/Korean editor, despite not speaking/writing Korean and not being new, all in all a very successful awards for enarra. "With kctipton out the way next year, I'm looking forward to a successful Spring 2005. What do you mean we didn't get rid of him yet? Can I rephrase that?" Award Mozilla

Commiserations to newwave on losing the biggest luzer crown, but good job on winning (jointly) best Recreation editor without editing. "It's great to see the mozzies recognising great editing, and an end to the popularity contest feel we've had in the pa... What do you mean I won? Heck." It's also worth mentioning he obtained one write-in votes in each of best World/Euskara editor and best World/Lietuviu editor, and only one of those was me.

Well done to donwiebe for taking second place in World/Ukrainian with an impressive seven write-in votes. (21.88%) And to jordancpeterson for taking second place in Best New Adult editor, with three write-in votes. (5.56%)

Congratulations to the winners, runners-up, nominees, and everyone who should have been nominated but was forgotten. The complete list of winners can be found in the relevant forum thread. We didn't get a single acceptance/rejection speech or comment, not one, so, that's all folks.


- rpfuller (Newsletter Managing Editor)


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