Tips for Mentorees and Mentors
by dcausse and chris2001

5 Tips for Mentorees

  1. Ask for a mentor whenever you feel you need advice. Even if you've been an editor for a long time you may encounter a new area of responsibility or
    a situation where you need help.
  2. Check which mentoring methods are available (e.g. Newbie forum, Welcome Wagons, Category check, mentoring by a editor in a neighbouring category, Mozzie's Mentors...) and choose the mentoring method that fits you.
  3. Don't hesitate asking questions, even if they look too simple or silly.
  4. Continue using search features, forums and interacting with other editors, don't rely only on your mentor.
  5. When you feel you don't need mentoring anymore, send a feedback to your mentor thanking him and letting him know that you have gained enough experience to move on by yourself.

10 Tips for Mentors

  1. If you are not sure about being qualified for mentoring, you can gain experience by contributing to newbie threads and category checks.
  2. Don't be afraid of being a mentor, even Metas don't have all the answers - but they should know how to find them ;-)
  3. Start mentoring in a field where you have a good ontology knowledge.
  4. Identify with your mentoree what are his main needs and goals (improving general editing, better grasp of ontology,
    reorganization, tools, communicating, learning to work in a new big category) and try to follow up on it.
  5. Baby Mozilla Try reminding yourself what it was to be a newbie when responding.
  6. Do not only explain how to do things, but why.
  7. Encourage your mentoree to ask for a cat check, and to get advice and tips from other editors as well.
  8. Help your mentoree to gain independence by teaching him how to search for information and how to use online resources such as the DDP, how to use forums or feedback, how to prepare a reorg and how to present it in the forum.
  9. Don't try to mentor too many editors at once.If you don't have enough time left to mentor, try to find another mentor to take over.
  10. And last but certainly not least, join forces with other mentors! If there's a Welcome Wagon in your branch you'll easily find other editors involved in mentoring activities: you can share responsibility for welcome wagon duties and category checks, and help each other with advice.

Meet Other Mentors... the Welcoming and Mentoring thread in ODP Culture!


- dcausse and chris2001

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